X-Large Round Plunge Pool

Want a plunge pool that the whole family can swim in together, but don’t have a massive space available? This is the model for you. Good things don’t always come in small packages … sometimes they come in medium ones!

Dimensions 3.5m diameter
Water Volume 14,000 litre
External Pool Height 1.8m
Approx Water Depth 1.6m
Weight 9.2t
Fully installed from $27,000
Finance options available

Plunge Pool Inclusions

  • Fully reinforced 40Mpa concrete pool shell
  • Solid concrete seat and top step
  • Fitting of 2 x jet eyeballs & skimmer box
  • Waterproofng of shell with Mapelastic Smart
  • Fully tiled internally in ceramic mosaic tiles with granite, travertine or limestone coping tiles
  • Multi-coloured LED Light and transformer
  • Form 15 engineering certificate and drawings

Installation Inclusions

  • Standard Council Approval
  • QBCC Insurance
  • Delivery of Plunge Pool (& lift into place if access permits)
  • Excavation for plunge pool (excl soil removal/dumping)
  • Supply and install gravel screed base for pool
  • Installation of pool to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Pentair Silentflo 550W Pool Pump, Pentair FreeFlo 75sqft Cartridge Filter
  • Maytronics ES100 Mineral Chlorinator with Magnesium Minerals
  • Supply and installation of pool equipment (incl all pipe and fittings)
  • Temporary pool fence including Form 16 (for up to 6 weeks)
  • Water to fill pool
  • Full on site pool startup, chemical balance and handover

Climate Care

Our Pools

Future proof your plunge pool by upgrading to one of our environmentally sustainable, energy eficient, water saving, noise reducing Climate Care packages

Climate Care—Classic $2,000
  • Starite EnviroMax 800 Eco Pump
  • Daisy Thermotech Pool Blanket
  • Maytronics automated pH Doser
  • Sweep Bends (on pool equipment)
  • 50mm plumbing (on pool equipment)
Climate Care—Ultimate $4,000
  • Everything in the Classic package PLUS:
  • Pentair Leisuretime II Glass Media Filter
  • Maytronics DB2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Optional Extras

Pool Upgrades

Bevelled edge on seat/step
smooth out the edges with a 45 degree bevel
(see image)
External Paint
textured coloured paint on the exterior walls of the pool
(see image)
$600 - Small Round
$750 - all other sizes
External Tiling
ceramic mosaic tiles on part or all of the pools exterior walls
(see image)
Additional Seat
second seat for those who want to sit back and relax (directly opposite standard seat). Not available in XL Round or Rectangle.
(see image)
$700 - Small Round
$900 - Square/Medium Round
$1,000 - Large Round
Standing Ledge
(XL Round and Rect only) low ledge at the base of the pool opposite to the seat. Used for those of us who are vertically challenged!
(see image)

Equipment Upgrades

Sunlover Oasis X Series 9kW Heat Pump
extend the swimming season with an energy efficient heat pump to keep the water at your desired temperature year round.
Sunlover Oasis X Series 13kW Heat Pump
same as above but will heat up quicker and won’t need to run as long on an ongoing basis. Good for colder areas.
Pentair Leisuretime Glass Media Filter
more expensive initially but doesn’t require cartridge replacement every few years. Also removes smaller particles than a cartridge filter but is a much bigger unit so requires more space.
Maytronics DB2 Robotic Pool Cleaner
automatic pool cleaner that scrubs the floor and walls of your pool to keep it spotlessly clean
Maytronics Mineral Swim with Ozone and Dead Sea Minerals
The most concentrated mineral system on the market with 100% Dead Sea minerals and Ozone to Oxygen purification makes this system as close to a chemical free pool as you can get.
Maytronics automated pH Dosing System
take the work out of your pool. The pH doser tests your pool water multiple times a day and doses as required.
Ascon 2 Channel WIFI Controller
automate your pool equipment (and surrounding lighting should you wish) through an app on your smart phone or device.
Spa Electrics Iris Lighting Controller
change the colour, brightness and modes of your LED pool light.

Other Upgrade

Construction cover hire (for 6 months)
required for all pools installed pre house build to protect your pool during the property construction.

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