Can I change the size of the pool?2022-08-26T00:27:22+10:00

Due to the pools being precast in a mould, modifications such as increasing or decreasing size is not possible.

Will I need a crane?2022-12-09T09:57:49+10:00

Yes you will need a crane to lift the pool into place but please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team for a local recommendation.

If I need a crane how much will it be?2022-08-26T01:51:45+10:00

Crane costs vary greatly depending on the the length of the lift and access available on site. We recommend engaging a local crane company to conduct a site visit and quote.

Can the pool go on a sloping block?2022-08-26T00:28:17+10:00

Our pools are perfect for any site, including sloping blocks.

If the pool is above ground do I need a pool fence?2022-08-26T01:50:50+10:00

If the pool is installed 1.2m above ground you may be able to use some of the external
pool wall as part of your pool fence. You will always need to provide a fence at the point
of entry to the pool and the skimmer box.

What isn’t included in your price?2022-08-26T01:50:41+10:00

We don’t include the cost of electrical works, permanent pool fencing, landscaping, soil removal and dumping (if required) or crane hire (if required). We do however partner with several reputable companies who can provide all of the above.

Can I attach a fence/deck directly to the pool?2022-08-26T01:50:26+10:00

Our pools are not designed to be weight-bearing. Direct fixing to the pool will void the manufacturers warranty.

What warranty comes with the pool?2022-08-26T01:50:18+10:00

A seven year manufacturers warranty comes with every pool.

Can I heat the pool?2022-08-26T01:49:57+10:00

Yes, we recommend an electric heat pump that can either be installed as an optional upgrade with your pool or retrofitted at a later date.

Can I get swim jets?2022-08-26T01:46:32+10:00

We currently do not offer swim jets.

Do you offer magnesium?2022-08-26T01:46:17+10:00

Yes we offer magnesium mineral pool equipment as part of our standard package. There is also a premium 100% Dead Sea Mineral option available.

Can the pool go above ground?2022-08-26T01:46:03+10:00

Yes, our pools can be installed fully above ground, fully in ground, or partially in ground. The choice is yours!

Do you charge extra for rock during excavation?2022-08-26T01:45:56+10:00

Your price is fixed so there is no surcharge if we hit rock during excavation.

What is Climate Care Certified?2022-08-26T00:25:03+10:00

Prestige Plunge Pools were the first pool installation company in Australia to achieve Climate Care Certified status.

Our Climate Care Certified Plunge Pools provide the following benefits:
· Water and Energy savings that have been verified and certified by the peak industry
· Confidence knowing that you are choosing a certified environmentally sustainable
· Recognition of your commitment to owning an environmentally sustainable swimming
pool or spa
· Reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving money
· Love your Climate Care Certified Plunge Pool and the environment at the same time

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